Incentive-Based Social Sharing Perfected

Use our Powerful Social Invite tools to turn every single purchaser into additional customers and sales. Double your database by incentivizing your existing customers to invite their friends through cutting-edge social invite tools & tech.


Incentive-Based Social Sharing Perfect

Turn Every Customer into an Influencer

  • Cutting-Edge Digital Social Marketing
  • Advanced FaceBook Invites
  • Advanced Email Invites
  • Integrated Conversion Tracking
  • Simple to Integrate

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Build Your Social Campaign and Incentive Offer

Next, choose what incentive you want to offer to your customers for each friend or associate they get to purchase. I.e. "Get a full refund if you get 5 friends to buy."

Integrate Seamlessly Into Your Checkout Confirmation Page

Utilize our easy-to-use JavaScript widget code to integrate directly into your checkout confirmation page.

Increase Sales and Exposure

By taking an entirely different approach, our Social Invites technology can be bolted into your checkout confirmation page with a few clicks using our widget technology. Get ready to experience social exposure and online sales increases like you never thought possible.

The Best Way to Increase Online Sales

No matter the size or industry your commerce business is in, you will benefit from our cutting-edge incentive based social invite tool set. Not only increasing your overall online sales by 10-20% + but also increasing your customer data and improving the quality of your customer and purchaser associated customer database.

Performance Based Pricing

Incremental pricing that helps you scale and get the most out of Ice Cream Social. Inquire to get more information. 

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